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Frequently asked question

Why should a publication be Open Access?

  • Because OA provides more publicity.
  • Because the social and scientific impact of the publication may be greater.
  • Because it is a funding requirement.

Which license should I choose?

Copyright and use rights for Open Access publications are expressed and licensed under Creative Commons (CC) licenses. When you choose the Open Access appearance, each publisher specifies which licenses to choose from. For making the best choice, please visit the License Selection page.

How can I archive my article in EDIT?

Authors upload data from their published articles to MTMT. They can then upload the full text of their articles from MTMT to EDIT. The following guide includes how to do this: Szerzői önarchiválás – dokumentumok feltöltése az MTMT-ből az EDIT repozitóriumba.

Can I use the free OA publishing option offered be the agreements concluded by EISZ if I do not have a legal relation with ELTE?

No. According to the agreements, only a correspondent author, who is affiliated with the subscriber institution (ELTE), can use this option.

I am the first author of a scientific article and I have an ELTE affiliation, but the correspondent author is not from ELTE. Can I use the free OA publishing option offered be the agreements concluded by EISZ?

Copyright Requesting the free OA appearance, which is made possible by the Read and Publish agreements, concluded through the EISZ is only possible if the correspondent author has an affiliation with ELTE.

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