Printing and photocopying

Self-service printing and photocopying

By purchasing a print & copy card, you can copy and print independently from the standing terminal.
You can buy print & copy card at different values and with different discounts at the information desk (ground floor).


The terminal (in the Lobby) allows you to make monochrome (grayscale) and color copies locally.

Price list for self-service monochrome printing: HUF 300 for 10 pages, HUF 600 for 20+3 pages, HUF 1500 for 50+15 pages, HUF 3000 for 100+40 pages, HUF 6000 for 200+140 pages Price list for self-service color printing: HUF 600 for 5 pages, 15 + 3 pages HUF 1800

Photocopy ordering

You can send us your print or photocopy order in the following ways:

To order a photocopy, please fill out the form below:

Photocopy order form


Price table printing to order: A4 black and white 35 HUF/page, A3 black and white 60 HUF/page, A4 color 400 HUF/page, A3 color 700 HUF/page


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