How can I get to the University Archives? Address: 1106 Budapest Maglódi út 8. Telephone: +36 1 313-3296 Email: info@leveltar.elte.hu In person: The nearest station is ’Kocka utca’ which is served by Tram line 28, 37 and Bus line 85E. After getting of the public transport walk down on ’Olaj utca’ until the Magyar Gyula High School then turn left tot he gate of the archives. If you arriving by car we provide free parking in front of the gate of the archives.
The university archives is the repository of the university's records. The records of large European universities with a history of several centuries were initially kept by the bureaus of the university, the rector’s, the chancellor’s and the deans’ offices, and later by the university libraries in general. As a result of the rapid development at the beginning of the 19th century, the organization, literacy, and administration of universities also changed: the amount of records created by the university, which had to be preserved, processed, and researched, increased exponentially.