Reporting day K21 – Results in the light of quality improvement

In view of the epidemiological situation, the second quarterly report of the K21 Quality Management Coordination Committee was held in the framework of a Teams meeting. Working group leaders reported on the results and changes of the last quarter.

The K21 Quality Management Coordination Committee thanked Katalin Kálóczi, the founder of K21, for more than a decade of her successful work and wished her every success in achieving her goals on her retirement.

The website of the University Library Service (ULS) has been renewed, which presents the services of the library network in a clear and user-friendly way that fits the image of ELTE. The ULS communication strategy has also been reviewed, and the updated document, together with the situation analysis and action plan, was adopted by the Library Council at its meeting on 18th June 2021. The documents are available in the EDIT repository. In order to develop the communication culture, with a greater emphasis on internal communication, we also provide information to our employees on the Kolibri mailing list in the framework of a short-animated film.

The evaluation of the results regarding the teacher needs and satisfaction survey compiled by Eötvös Loránd University in November 2020 has been completed. According to the survey, both educators and researchers, as well as the supporter of the education and research, are satisfied with the book lending and our information service. Due to the epidemic situation and the transition to distance learning, there has been a significant increase in the use of online services by libraries. Respondents expressed their satisfaction with the expansion of the range of electronically available journals and the provision of journal lending for library services, but would also request access to some additional specialized databases.

The student satisfaction survey results from 2021 are in progress, the evaluation is expected to become public from the autumn. The outcome of the ULS organizational culture survey is also being summarized.

The review of process descriptions, process inventory and key processes is performed continuously by the process management working group. The members of the green library working group are working on the creation of a green virtual collection, in which they collected printed resources related to the topic. The barrier-free library group is compiling a complex, constantly updated barrier-free library use guide. Their long-term plans include a sensitization training, which is expected to be organized for librarians next summer in cooperation with the ELTE Disability Center. Based on the call of the Library Institute for the Marrakesh Treaty – Registration of Authorized Organizations, a comprehensive recommendation was prepared. As a result, the libraries of Eötvös Loránd University upload their records in accessible formats to the database of the Hungarian National Common Catalog.

We will announce the latest developments and results on our portal soon.

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ULA University Library