Settlement of library debts

In order to increase the efficiency of library services, according to Article 137/A of the Student Requirements Regulation, effective from the 1 st of October 2022, the condition for taking endof-semester examinations and registering for the next semester is the payment of the library overdue fee in the libraries of the University Library Service. Final examinations may only be taken after the return of borrowed books by the deadline and the payment of library debts.

We hope that the modification of the Student Requirements System will contribute to a more efficient service of our libraries and of the required and recommended literature.

You can check your borrowings and outstanding debt by using the access link here.

Borrowed library documents can also be returned to the libraries by personal delivery or by post. For information on the opening hours and addresses of ELTE libraries, please visit the websites at For more information on settling overdue fees by bank transfer, please, click here.

Several convenience services are available for monitoring loan periods and overdue fees: 

  • a reminder e-mail is sent two days before the loan deadline;
  • by logging in to ELTEfind, you can review your outstanding debts and library loans;
  • using the latest ELTE Library WebApp, all our readers can view their loans, overdue fees and set up their own personal notifications of the expiry date on their smartphones.

All of our member libraries offer multiple options (in person, email, phone, web, app) to indicate a renewal request and pay an overdue fee, helping to avoid overdue loans and increased late fees.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

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