Validation of STA: obligation of ORCID

An ORCID has been required for validation in the STA database since 1st of april. It means that your STA profile has to include your ORCID, if you want to validate the profile.
If you don’t find your ORCID on your STA profile, you should check your MTMT profile whether the ORCID is filled in the Author identifier field. When someone has an ORCID identifier, the identifier must be added to the MTMT profile. If you haven’t got an ORCID yet, you must create your own ORCID and upload it to the MTMT. After that the STA will refresh your data from the MTMT and your STA profile will include your ORCID identifier too. And as a result you will be able to validate your STA profile.
If you need help or you have some questions about the STA, you can write to the administrators:

You can also get help with the MTMT or ORCID, find your MTMT faculty administrator here:


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