University biographical mosaics – Marton Schwartner

245 years ago, Queen Maria Theresa moved the university from Nagyszombat to Buda and changed the organization of the university. The Faculty of Humanities was expanded with six new departments, three of which dealt with the natural sciencies and three with the auxiliary sciences. At that time the Department of Diplomacy, Heraldry and Sealing was established. In 1788, king Joseph II. appointed Márton Schwartner to the Department of Diplomacy, who taught diplomacy and coats of arms and seals until his death in 1823. In 1788, the king also made him the guard of the University Library. Schwartner studied history, statistics and diplomacy in Göttingen. He was an excellent scientist, and through his work the teaching of auxiliary sciences at the University of Pest became of European standard. In 1801 he also made a foundation for talented students of the faculty of law and the humanities.

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