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University biographical mosaics – Daniel Cornides

The historian, Dániel Cornides (1732–1787) was appointed to the University of Pest in 1784 as a teacher of historical auxiliary sciences and guardian of the university library. Although he took courses at the University of Göttingen the following year, from 1785 until his death he worked in the University Library and taught at the university. From 1767 he was in the service of József Teleki as secretary, and a close relationship developed between them. In view of their friendship, after the death of Cornides, Teleki bought his legacy of valuable manuscripts and books, which was later transferred to the manuscript archive of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences together with the Teleki library. However, the valuable correspondence between Cornides and Pray can still be found in the manuscript archives of the University Library, as well as the 16th-century Hungarian-language codex named after him, which was copied by the Dominican nun, Lea Ráskay.

Cornides kódex a XVI. századból

Cornides codex: https://edit.elte.hu/xmlui/handle/10831/10540

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