Register membership online

With the help of our mobile WebApp you have the opportunity to enroll to some of our ELTE libraries online, without personal contact. To identify your identity we are using Neptun verification. 

The online version of the enrollment consists of two parts. If you have never been a member of any of the ELTE libraries - so you do not have a reading card - you have to registrate in the web application. After this you can log in immediately and you can access your new, virtual reading card. At the "My membersips" menu item you can initiate an enrollment to a selected library. Your request of enrollment will be processed in one working day by the library's staff who will also send you a notification of the result. If you have been a member of an ELTE library, you do not need to registrate, you can log in to the application immediately. In case you have an active library membership, you can initiate a renewal online no earlier than two weeks before your membership expires via the "My memberships" menu item.

Our mobile WebApp can be found at the following address: This is primarily a surface optimized for mobile devices but it can also be used on desktops without any limitation.

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