Cultural Heritage of the University – Our new library calendar is available

The ELTE University Library and Archives' new calendar 2022 presents some outstanding cultural heritage of Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), which deserve the attention not only of the university but also of the public. A long-term programme has been elaborated for the mapping of the cultural assets posessed by the university and making them visible, which will be implemented under the professional supervision of the University Library and Archives in collaboration with the custodians of the collections. The pages of the calendar offer an insight into the diversity of the university’s museum collections and cultural relics. The online version of our calendar is available here.

Contributors: Krisztina Bergmann, Attila Bodó, Klára Kóthay Felkerné, Lajos Juhász, József Kovács, Péter Mohay, Bianka Molnár, László Papp, Georgina Schlay, István Szente, Júlia Katalin Török, Márk Vrabély Panna Szabó, Csaba Gedai, Eszter Hegyesi, Bence Képessy, Ádám Kuttner, Éva Orbán and János Acsai. The representative wall calendar was published under the management of the Prime Minister's Office with the support of the National Cooperation Fund, the Bethlen Gábor Fund Management Ltd. and the Foundation for the University Library. Responsible editor: Dr. Péter Kiszl.

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Nemzeti Együttműködési Alap, Miniszterelnökség és Bethlen Gábor Alapkezelő Zrt. logója


Source/author of illustration:
Rector's Cabinet, ELTE