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ELTE MTMT institutional administrator: Dóra Szabó, informatics librarian,  
Who approves the uploaded items? The uploaded items are approved by the author and thus made public in the system (visible to others or displayed on the public interface). Authorization of the author also indicates to the administrators that the data considered correct have been recorded.
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Hirsch-index The h-index was invented in August 2005 by Jorge E. Hirsch, a physicist at the University of California (San Diego) and it is a simple measure of citation.  A researcher’s Hirsch-index is h, if there are h articles that have at least h references to each. Therefore, if a researcher’s h-(Hirsch-) index is 21, then he/she has 21 publications to which at least 21 citations have been made separately.
Record upload Authors are responsible for uploading, keeping up-to-date and validating the data of their scientific works in the MTMT, even if the authors does not upload the data personally. In order for the records uploaded into MTMT to be complete and acceptable to reviewers, co-authors and the general public, it is important to follow the following order:
How to register: On MTMT’s webpage (, with the assistance of professionals specified under the Coordination menu of this site. Important detail during registration! During registration, the author is asked to provide the exact organizational unit such as the department (the deepest level of the hierarchy in the system).
The Library of Hungarian Scientific Works (MTMT) is an authentic bibliographic database of scientific publications of Hungarian authors and publications citing them. The obligations of ELTE employees in relation to MTMT are set out in Decree 6/2012. (II. 23.) and in the Information Guide. The professional management of the operation of the MTMT is provided by the University Library.
The Hungarian Scientific Bibliographic Database is a comprehensive and authentic bibliographic database of scientific publications of Hungarian authors and publications citing them. Regarding MTMT, the obligations of ELTE employees are governed by the mandate 6/2012. (II. 23.) and information guide issued by the Rector’s Office.