Book of Your Life – A project to promote cultural inclusion of international students is launched at the University Library

The European Cultural Foundation (ECF) is supporting the ELTE University Library and Archives' Book of Your Life (BoYL) project with 10,000 euros, the highest amount available in the Libraries, Communities and Democracy call for 2024. The primary aim of the project is to support the integration of international students coming to ELTE by creating community spaces and organising multilingual thematic activities. 

In line with ELTE's internationalisation strategy, the project will focus on promoting multiculturalism and supporting the mental well-being of students, given that an increasing number of international students from more than 100 countries are coming from global conflict zones.

The student community space in the Ferenciek tere library palace is planned to host interactive lectures, book exchanges, book clubs and pop-up exhibitions. The experience gained from the pilot project will be multiplied by ELTE for both national and international partners.

The Book of Your Life project aims to strengthen the strategic role of university libraries as facilitators of international cultural relations, as safe spaces and as promoters of the cultural heritage they preserve and care for.

The project will be implemented jointly by the ELTE University Library and Archives, the ELTE, the International Strategy Office and the University Strategy Office between January and September 2024, in line with the CHARM-EU Alliance Inclusion Plan.

More details are available on the ELTE website.

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