Application for Professor: Certificate from MTMT

There has been a new obligation since last year, so every applicant has to attach a certificate from the MTMT to the application. The document includes the applicant’s scientometric datas and it has to be issued by the central University Library. This certificate is made by the ELTE MTMT institutional administrator at the Eötvös Loránd University and it is based on the applicant’s MTMT profile.

Before the issue the MTMT profile (publications and citations) has to be verified by the author’s MTMT administrator. If the administrator finds some problems, the records will have to be corrected. The checking is made by the author’s own faculty administrator but the process is coordinated and supported by the institutional administrator. The aim of the supervision is that the author’s scientometrical tables include proper datas.

If you need this certificate and/or you have some questions about it, you will have to write to us: The duration of the checking depends on the branch of science and the quality of the MTMT records, so the process can last several workdays. Because of that you have to ask for your certificiate three weeks before the deadline.


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