To check your loans, you can use:

Both possibilies are avaliable on desktop and mobile.

Step by step: checking loans through the online catalogue

  1. Log in to the online catalogue (ELTEfind).

    Username: the barcode number of the library card or student ID.

    Password: By default the date of birth in YYYYMMDD format, e.g. 19970214. The password can be changed.

    This screenshot illustrates the login button of ELTEfind. This screenshot illustrates the login option of the ELTEfind menu.

  2. After a successful login, you will automatically be taken to the Profile page, where you can check the details of your registration and the validity of your membership. By clicking on Your Account then the Checked Out Items button you can view the details of the books you borrowed and their expiration dates.

    This is a screenshot of the menu item of Your Account in ELTEfind, in which the the Checked Out Items line is highlighted.

Checking loans in ELTE Library WebApp

  1. Login with the barcode of your library card or with your Neptun identifier to web application:
  2. Choose Loans at the bottom toolbar.

This is a screenshot of ELTE Library WebApp, in the Loans menu with some example books.This is a screenshot of ELTE Library WebApp, showing details of loaning one certain book.

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