Reporting Day K21 – Results in the light of quality improvement

At the first quarterly report of the K21 Quality Coordination Committee 2024, the leaders of the working groups reported on the results of the past quarter, ongoing work and changes.

All working groups have prepared their 2023 reports by the deadline. The annual report of the K21 Quality Management Coordination Committee was approved by the Library Board. The Quality Officers have prepared the Quality Improvement Reports for the member libraries, the documents of the closed Non-Compliant Services have been uploaded to the Teams platform. The preparation of the Quality Improvement Report of the University Library Service (ULS) is in progress.

The Primary Research Working Group has completed an analysis of the 2023 Student Needs and Satisfaction Survey data, which has been approved by the Library Directors, and after briefing the Library Board, the document has been uploaded to EDIT and is available on our website. The Process Management Working Group is in the process of reviewing and amending the Processes chapter of the Quality Handbook.

The Communication Working Group provided information on the tasks and achievements of the K21 Quality Coordination Committee through our website, newsletter and short film entitled „3 months – 3 minutes”, and contributed to the success of the preparation and administration of the K21 reporting days meetings. The Green Library Working Group has started a review of the environmental awareness survey.

The library directors held five meetings in the first quarter, during which they discussed, among other things, the initial steps of the thesis digitisation project and other current tasks. The 2023 reports, dissemination, this year's work plans and enrolment lists of the member libraries were prepared. The reports and work plans of the Coordinating Committees and the University Library Service, the 2023 Student Needs and Satisfaction Survey report for the library, and the modifications to the Performance Rating Scale based on the recommendations of an ad hoc working group were approved. The University Library Service strategy workshop is scheduled for the end of the spring semester.

An update on the achievements of the K21 Quality Coordination Committee and our new developments will be posted on our website soon.


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