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Argumentum Kiadó has been operating successfully for almost 30 years, since May 14, 1991. Our publishing house mainly publishes scientific books (literature, literary studies, history), fiction, textbooks, magazines. Source:
TINTA Könyvkiadó is a publisher of specialist books and dictionaries, and is the market leader in the field of Hungarian monolingual dictionary publishing and Hungarian linguistic publishing. This collection contains textbooks published by the publisher to help with scientific work.
Education Research Complete includes 311 active, full-text, non-open access journals not available in any version of Academic Search. In addition to full-text journals, Education Research Complete includes more than 3,700 full-text education-related conference papers.
The Library and Information Science Database gives end users full-text access to many publications in library and information science.
Our political biographies, volumes of our award-winning educational series, source publications, large-volume monographs and handbooks provide a wide range of up-to-date and essential knowledge for readers primarily interested in the social sciences. Our books include a large number of basic textbooks and textbooks used in higher education.
The database contains a total of 775 titles: Anthropology, Bibliography, Cinoatography, Philosophy, Physics, Information Society, Literature, Literary Theory - Literary History, Literary Science, Law, Chemistry, Economics, Marketing, Mathematics, Monography, Media, Arts, Education Linguistics, Ethnography, Education Policy, Pedagogy, Politics - Political Science, Psychology, Finance, Press History, Sociology, Sociology - Sociography, Fiction, Social Science, History, Religion, Music, Musicology, Biography, Ancient Near East.
The database contains 885 titles: bibliography, cinoatography, philosophy, genetics, martial arts, applied arts, literature, literary studies, law, communications science, library science, linguistics, economics, cultural history, art history, linguistics, linguistics, linguistics, linguistics, political science, psychology, archeology, sociology, theater, dictionary, history, religion, musicology.
The most important series are the following in the Osiris classics series: Hungarian (Endre Ady, János Arany, Mihály Babits, Dániel Berzsenyi, Mihály Csokonai Vitéz, Attila József, Gyula Juhász, Dezső Kosztolányi, Zsigmond Móricz, Sándor Nemes Nagy, János Pilinszky, Miklós Radnóti, Lőrinc Szabó, Árpád Tóth, János Vajda, Mihály Vörösmarty, etc.) and greats of world literature (Aristophanes, Büchner, Chekhov, Moliere, Schiller, Sophocles, etc.).