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This database provides scientific documents since 1998 to the present. The multidisciplinary database of over 9 million studies provides journals and e-books on topics such as biology, economics, chemistry, mathematics, computing earth sciences, psychology, and more. Tutorial on the database.
Over 1000 journals are available back to 1999 in full text. In the database there are scientific and peer-reviewed research publications, that is resulted by collaborating with nearly 400 scientific societies in areas such as education, religion, psychiatry and psychology, sociology, health, pharmacology, business and management, criminology, and neurology. Tutorial on the database.
Elsevier's full-text multidisciplinary database provides access to the text of the most renowned scientific journals. The content is primarily outstanding in the fields of engineering, science and medicine, but social sciences and other disciplines are also represented. There are nearly 2500 peer-reviewed journals in the database. Tutorial on the database.
Cambridge Core is the home of academic content from Cambridge University Press. Cambridge Core is the place to find valuable, useful and inspirational research and academic information. With over 1.6 million journal articles and 36,000+ books, Cambridge Core is the central destination for academic research. Tutorial on the database.
JSTOR archival journal collections include more than two thousand journals in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. All issues, from volume 1, issue 1, are provided for every journal up to the moving wall, including all previous and related titles. JSTOR offers 15 Arts & Sciences collections that span 60 disciplines, and the Life Science Collection comprises more than 160 journals in the field sciences, and broad coverage of the health sciences. The JSTOR Essential Collection features foundational content in the humanities and social sciences.